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Clear Blue Fertility Monitor

This Clear Blue Fertility Monitor helps to get you pregnant!

The surge in Luteinizing Hormone (LH) (which triggers the ovulation) is what the “home-use” of ovulation tests examines, to find out the 2 days with Peak Fertility within your monthly cycle. The Clear Blue Fertility Monitor is really one of a kind, because it tracks two hormones which will normally identify anything from two up to six days in which you are fertile. In addition to finding the two Days of Peak Fertility for you, it is also capable of informing a high percentage of all women of the approximately one to five days when you are extra fertile before your days with Peak Fertility. Your chances of conception are high when you have sex on the extra fertile and high fertile days, which is because sperm has the ability to make you pregnant, even when is has been inside you a couple of days.

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Clear Blue Fertility Monitor Cycle

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How to Use the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

In this video I show you how easy and straightforward using the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor is.